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We offer an complete range of high quality villas & apartments in new developments.

We, at The New Developments Costa del Sol, S.L., have years of experience in investing in properties ourselves. Therefore, we are able to offer you high quality villas & apartments and a very valuable insight into the local property market. In fact, with nearly 30 years of experience helping our clients to find and buy properties here on the Costa del Sol as well as in other parts of the world including: Singapore, Bali, Australia, Portugal and more, we have a strong understanding of both local and international property markets.

High quality villas & apartments

We are able to source the most attractive and sought-after properties on the Costa del Sol. We have a deep understanding on what makes a property worth investing in, as well as always being up to date on the latest new property developments on the coast.
Our dedicated team will be guide you at all time to help find the best possible property for you, be it is an apartment in Marbella, a luxury villa in Sierra Blanca or a townhouse in Mijas Costa.

If you find interesting properties on the internet or in magazines/papers by yourself we will be able to organize the viewing of those properties in order for you to avoid having to potentially go through multiple agencies and putting in all that extra, unnecessary time and effort; we will be your exclusive personal contact point, providing you a bespoke and personalized service which is not only professional, but efficient and trustworthy. Contact New Developments Costa del Sol.

high quality villas & apartments in new developments Costa del sol

Our Team

Seppo J Valikangas

Over 30 years experience from international real estate industry and in dealing with people from every corner of the world. His endless thirst and curiosity for knowledge has given him an invaluable advantage and an in-depth knowledge of the Spanish real estate market.  In addition, his lifelong involvement around the world in the real estate business, with all its different social and economic aspects has enriched him with a broad understanding of real estate business and life and all its challenges.

Seppo was born in Finland, and from a relatively young age, soon found himself traveling and working all over the world. In 1987, he moved to Spain, where he began his story in the Spanish real estate market, which shortly after, leads him to purchase the German real estate franchisee DSI Dr Stange in Algarve, Portugal, in 1990. After 5 successful years there, Seppo was recruited in 1995 by Royal Resorts & Karma Development as the Project Director for a new world-wide real estate operation in the Philippines. Royal Resorts & Karma Developments have built thousands of luxury resort apartments and villas, as well as small boutique hotels all-around the South-East Asia.

Six short years later, he took charge of the operations in Australia and later Bali, Indonesia. After having lived in Bali, he and his family moved to Singapore where Seppo worked for 7 years. In 2010, after 15 very successful years in Asia, he moved back to the Costa del Sol.

In 2012, Seppo became the co-founder and Managing Director of the Domus Venari Group, based in El Rosario, Marbella. In 2016 he set himself up with Peter as an independent property consultant of the Costa del Sol Properties & Consulting and enjoys working with a small team of real estate professionals, customers and investors. In 2018 Peter Hutchinson and Seppo started with ex professional football players Igor and Anatoli Pomanarev a new joint venture, New Developments Costa del Sol, S.L.

Seppo is still an active sportsman due to his love for all sports from a very young age. He is an excellent all-round sportsman, having excelled in a variety of sports from ice hockey to athletics, from skiing to golf and having trained years with the best athletes in the world, including World and Olympic champions.

”Seppo takes great pride in being honest and trustworthy in both his business and personal life.”

Igor Ponomarev

In 2013, Igor began investing in the property market on the Costa Del Sol, where Igor met his future partner and friend Seppo, who at the time was a partner in Domus Venari, since then they have been good friends and today they are together with Peter owners of New Developments Costa del sol. Igor’s great strengths are leadership, hard work and eye for real estate!

Igor was born and raised in Baku, Azerbaijan (former Soviet Union). His football match started early and Igor achieved great results in professional football. Igor Ponomarev became 1978 European champion with Soviet Union Junior Country, 1979, Igor won silver at the U21 World Championships in Japan after he was admitted to the Soviet Union’s A national team. At the age of 28, Igor won the Olympic Gold Medal in Seoul in 1988. In 1989, Igor became one of the first professional soccer players from the Soviet Union to sign contracts outside the Soviet Union, then signed for the Swedish club IFK Norrköping and that same year won the club Allsvenskan (Swedish Championship ). After his career, Igor and his family chose to stay and live their lives in Sweden. After the football career, life has taken different turns but the football has always been around, and Igor has coached several teams in Azerbaijan, Russia and Sweden as well as the federation of Azerbaijan A national team. Igor Ponomarev was also elected as a member of the Olympic Committees in 2010.

“Treat People the Way You Want to be Treated.”

Peter Hutchinson

Several years ago, Peter started to study the Spanish Real Estate industry and has made significant investments in this field since 2013 having identified, at that time that the fall in property prices was reaching an end. He is now happy to share the knowledge and expertise he has acquired with new investors into the market.

Peter has several other business interests including ownership of hotels and other properties in Spain, Germany, the UK and the Far East.

Peter is a British national and holds an honors degree in Economics and Social Statistics from York University in the UK and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, of which he has been a member since 1982. He is also a member on the Institute of Travel and Tourism and of MENSA. He established the Hutchinson Trust business more than 30 years ago in the UK and now has associate offices in Spain, Thailand, India and China.
Peter is a keen sportsman and long distance running in 2005. Since then he has run over 100 marathons, as well as hundreds of other races, taking part in charity races where he has raised an excess of £300,000.

Peter has been an active advocate of good practice and was one of the founding board members of the European Resort Development Organization (RDO), being co-author of their first Code of Ethics. He values ethical practice as being paramount in achieving the longevity from which his companies have benefitted and applies these principles to all his business dealings.

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