Why invest in New developments and Pre-construction projects on the Costa del Sol, Spain?

Investing in real estate has always been considered as the safest and most profitable investment around the whole world since hundreds of years – almost as guaranteed investment. The reason is that people always need a place to live in and the prices of real estate will keep increasing over time.

 When buying or selling new development properties, experience counts. NDC new developments costa del sol

What about, if you could buy a future property for a price of today – that could be anything from 35-65% cheaper than buying the same property on a few years time?  Pre-construction property investment probably sounds like too good to be true. It could in theory be risky, but the reward is worth it and today Spain has regulations, which safeguard your investment through the regulations and 100% bank guarantee.

Pre-construction projects and new developments like apartments and villas are cheaper because the developer can get good part of the funds from buyers and doesn’t need expensive bank or private finance before starting construction work. You also may be able to modify the original floor-plans and more suitable for your own desire.

Investing during the pre-construction phase, all you have to do is to wait a couple of years and the value of your apartment or villa will have gone up significantly. You will neither have any property related expenses until the property is ready to move in.

As said earlier, some pre-construction properties and New developments can have some risks, but all the risks can be eliminated by working with the right real estate agency and the developer, and you will have fantastic rewards.